Frugal Living is Counter-Cultural

What if we all decided to follow the advice of just about every spiritual tradition, as well as some secular humanist traditions? What if we all agreed to live frugally, acquiring only what we need to live a life of meaning and service to humanity? All hell would break loose. Capitalism would implode. A capitalist… Continue reading Frugal Living is Counter-Cultural

Abundance, Really?

Yep. But first … You don’t have to be an Economics student to get the message. It’s natural to want more. You can’t fight human nature. We’re acquisitive animals. It’s in or deepest nature to satisfy ourselves to the fullest extent possible. Economists say we’re insatiable. That doesn’t mean I’ll eat chocolate until I get… Continue reading Abundance, Really?

Unenlightened and Proud

I refer to that period of history, and that movement called The Enlightenment. It happened around the 18th Century. The Catholic church was at a low point at the time, wielding excessive power with excessive rigidity. The rising Protestant churches were still feeling out their protest ideology. Major thinkers were looking for escape from the… Continue reading Unenlightened and Proud

What Is Biblical Economics?

Biblical Economics. It’s hard to get a handle on it. My interpretation here is based on scattered biblical references I have examined and the work of a few scholars. My mission is to put together a coherent picture of biblical economics out of those incoherent scatterings. The result will be barely coherent and barely comprehensive.… Continue reading What Is Biblical Economics?

Jobs Sent Overseas

Someone shared a poster on Facebook that said — “Jobs aren’t sent overseas because America doesn’t have enough skilled workers. Jobs are sent overseas so corporations, banks and stockholders can make huge profits off the backs of non-unionized, uninsured, desperate people, living in third world poverty.” There are so many levels on which to tackle… Continue reading Jobs Sent Overseas